STOP Spinning Lemons!
Let The "Lucky Dog" Deal YOU A "Winning Hand"!
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GREAT!! You Made It To Our Secret Page!!

Hi!  I'm Judy!!  Imagine A Casino Where The Dealer
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When Would YOU Stop Going There?  Exactly.
Our System Is Like That...
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So... sports (and NON) fans... are you ready to discover how to turn YOUR passion for PROFIT into making Game Day into "PAY DAY"?

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And, here's the kicker... like I said... YOU don't even need to know a baseball from a
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But, for those who do live and breathe sports...

Wouldn't it be great if it was just as simple (and predictable) with the same type of
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Just imagine... being with your friends at the stadium, or watching at home or your favorite hangout AND not only are YOU enjoying the game, YOU KNOW that you're making money AT THE SAME TIME!  And, "best of all" for doing something that is lots of fun and very profitable, once you know how.

Of course it would!  And that fans, AND non-fans alike, is exactly what Dickie's gonna show you right here, right now...

The "Lucky Dog" Is Going
To Deal You A "Winning Hand"
By Revealing...
How To Start Winning...
No Matter Who Is Playing!!

Dickie "The Lucky" Dog,
           "BlackDOG ULTIMATE Marketing",
           The "B.U.M." Team.
           NIAGARA FALLS


"Get In The Game!"

Woof! Woof!

Hey there, that's right, it's me Dickie "The Lucky" Dog.  Yeah, that's me... the "handsome bandit" who is "sitting pretty" in my cool "retro" pink chair, and I know that you are just busting with excitement and anticipation to learn the secret to how to turn your sports passion into profit and make game day into
"pay day".  Right?

Well, relax, because we are about to reveal it to you right now by handing you the keys to  get started
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Yes, The "Lucky Star" is jammed full of great tips and tricks... real "meat and potatoes" stuff - by the way, I love mine mashed with gravy!

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Hold on... where was I? 

Yes, that's right! 

 The "Lucky Star" eZine is FREE... but the content is PRICELESS!

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And, don't worry, it opens in a brand new window or tab (depending upon your browser), once you click that blue button, so just  close the window or tab after you've subscribed and you'll be back right here in no time for the rest of the story...

Now, how's this for a cool image?

Well, now you (and a select few others) are about to be rewarded for "taking action" because we're about
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Looks really complicated - right?


We wouldn't bring you this far to let you down now - would we?

Of course not!  You are going to learn how simple it can be to get up and running fast with a successful, profitable system right from the comfort of your home!  Made even easier and more profitable faster with
the help and guidance of some really cool guys that we're about to introduce to you!


Yes!  The "insider information" once only accessible to the "heavy hitters" and those so-called "gurus" is now yours!  You don't need to be some hotshot to grow a very successful and profitable income, and all because you are ready to...

Turn YOUR Sports Passion Into Profit And Make Game Day Into "PAY DAY"!!

Just imagine, the extra time and money freedom you will enjoy to really start living the true 21st century lifestyle.

All you need is the right information, and the right "marketing" strategies, and now it is all right here, right now, at YOUR fingertips!'
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So let me deal you your "winning hand" right now...

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Ever have the chance to come and visit the "Falls"?  It truly is an incredible sight!  The power of the water as it cascades over the precipice is truly amazing!  Even more pulse stopping is the chance to actually walk behind them, or, travel right up to the base of the thundering water on the famous "Maid of the Mist" boats.  Really, a "wild ride". 

Well, you are about to get an idea of a feeling for the experience, and we hope you're ready, because we are going to take you for a wild ride into the operation of a successful profitable system which let's you truly get in the game and turn your sports passion into profit and make game day into PAYDAY!


In fact, some folks have found that it is even possible to earn more than their favorite pro players!

So, are you ready to seize the time and get the full "spill the beans" scoop on this valuable unique opportunity that, believe me, you have - guaranteed - never seen anything quite like before?


Then sit back, "strap in and buckle up" and get ready for that "wild ride"...

Let me ask you a very important question:

Are YOU leaving money on the table?

Imagine a system that runs almost 100% on auto-pilot and provides you with virtually limitless income possibilities.

A system that once setup, takes only a few minutes a day and rakes in money virtually around the clock while you're off enjoying life?

There's no time clock to punch, no schedule to keep...

Best of all, you can tailor the system to your personal goals.

Yeah, yeah, I know... you've heard this all before... right?


Not nothing like this you haven't...

Woof! Woof!

Yes, I know, even for a "lucky dog" that's terrible grammar :)

No... this is like having your own personal "money tree" in your yard sprouting leaves of $100 bills!  Yeah,
roll over, Ben Franklin!


                                     YES! Uncle Sam WANTS YOU - To Make YOUR Money TALK!

Woof! Woof!

Drum roll please...  

Welcome to the powerful, dynamic, and profitable :) world of "sports investing", or, as some call it, "sports trading"!

The two terms are interchangable... and mean the same thing!

Yes, sports trading or investing (NOT betting!) is the revolution we're talking about. 

You see, a very special friend (you'll meet him in just a second!) is not only a math whiz, but a former Wall Street power broker and trader (yeah, he's smart!) and he has taken it to the next level because he has created a powerful system which breaks the sports trading code.  In fact, it is so powerful that nearly everyone of the people who use it, and (this is very important!) follow his instructions to the letter consistently make money by winning day in and day out!

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Yes!! It's time.  YOUR TIME...

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those cool "tickets" below?  Well, just settle back, grab the popcorn, and enjoy your front row "priority" seats!

Check it out... Just click the "Play" button on the screen beneath YOUR "tickets"...

*So pretty HOT as Judy would say, huh?

Eager Beaver?  Action Taker?  
Not a "tire-kicker" or "lookeloo?  Excellent!

Ready to "take the plunge"?  Great!  Click That BIG YELLOW Button NOW!


Imagine!  Play for profit!  Turn every result in favor of your wallet! It's easy! It's fun! And, you make
win or lose?  ALL for only $499 per month no make that for only $198 per month as long
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member and you can cancel at anytime PLUS, an iron clad money back

Whoa... hot dam!!  I gotta sit down...


                                                                     what?!!  wait a minute!!  I'm ALREADY sitting down!!

Your bank account increases and so does your quality of life!

Yeah, it's cool, even if you have never placed a wager or bet in your life, we have you covered ... because once you are "inside" we walk you through every thing from "soup to nuts" that you need to know to make sure that you are successful right out of the gate including a full review of ALL of the best bookmaking houses.

What's that you say?  Sure, it sounds great, but it seems maybe a little too complicated? 

Well, relax, because the "Lucky Dog" has got YOU covered...

In fact, if you have signed up for YOUR free subscription to The "Lucky Star" eZine, as a SPECIAL BONUS
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So make sure that you have subscribed...


                                                    ... and see everything up close with your own eyes!

Yes, whether you are a seasoned pro, or a "green rookie" to sports investing you will find the "Lucky Star" eZine and our "Sports Investing Bible" to be invaluable resources filled with great tips, tricks, treats and "insider" insight and strategies!

But, hold on a sec... speaking of "inside" why don't we give you your very own backstage V.I.P. pass and take you for a sneak peak tour right now inside the members area so that you can see exactly how "paint
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Sound good?  Great!

                                  Yeah, winner, winner, I LOVE counting dough BEFORE dinner!!

Just imagine... a "true chicken in every pot" system that allows you to "do what you want, when you want, for as long as you want and not have to worry about how much is left over at the end of the month" kind of lifestyle!

Yeah, soon you'll be grinning too... and laughing all you want, like, all the way to the bank, because you are about to "get lucky" with these SAFE and RELIABLE AUTOMATED SIGNALS to take your sports investing and trading results to the next level!

Yes!  As Judy likes to say... size does matter!

The size of your bankroll that is :) 

Ready to start beefing yours up today?

Get ready to create your own "M.B.A."...

                                                                     That's right!  "Massive Bank Account"! NOW!!

It's more than possible it's a reality, if YOU WANT IT...

Let me ask you a question...

                How would you like to know who is going to win the game... BEFORE THEY PLAY?

And, with, get this... 87.68% accuracy?  What do you think that would mean to your results?  Hey, don't take my word for it...

Check it out for yourself right here:

And, I'm here to tell you, this kind of system DOES exist, so I know it's real. It's not a fluke or a "here today, gone tomorrow" type of passing fad.

                                    Hey... What's That?  You Want Fries With That Shake? 

Well, the "Lucky Dog" ALWAYS over delivers, so if you want even more... check out our powerful SECOND FEATURE of today's double bill (yeah, another great movie just like at our fabulous Imax theatre right here in "The Falls") where you can check out for yourself the rave reviews, two thumbs up, and 4 STAR ratings that other members are giving the system.

So... settle back in, grab some more popcorn with lottsa butter (mmm...) and click on your tickets right
down there...

Yes!  This life and lifestyle is the reality of the hundreds of people who have signed up and never looked
back to get their slice of the pie!

Woof! Woof!  I LOVE PIE... especially a la mode!

Oops, where was I?

Oh, yes... the PERFECT system...

This is about about applying a system to the billion dollar global sport market and
REAL opportunity to trade sports, (yeah, bet as a pro) for a living.

But, it only works for those people that can follow simple rules and be consistent and disciplined.
Plus, the best part of it is that if it is not working for you, or it is just not for you once you give it an honest trial, for whatever reason, you can walk away.

No hard feelings!

So are you ready to take advantage of the chance for a very rare and valuable chance to get a "behind 
the scenes" look at the powerful system that fuels this unique opportunity?

                            Ready to enjoy steak, lobster, or prime rib tonite?  Or any nite you want?

Yum, yum!

Then, come in, and take a look for yourself...

You see, we don't gamble with our money so why would we expect you to with yours?

                                                                         WE TRADE SPORTS.

Just like the Forex, Stock, or Commodities markets.

Only better.

When you want to grow your bankroll there is NO room for luck or chance.

Only pure mathematical and statistical analysis to create a winning edge.

As you can probably see by now...

                                                                       WE HATE GAMBLING!

We deal "winning hands"!  Consistently.

So, if you are looking for gambling advice... this is NOT for you!

We are here to make money and help you do the same by WINNING with us.

We are not looking to make money OFF of you, but WITH you.

Yes, this is about investing in sports outcomes and reaping excellent returns of money every single month.
If you are looking for the pointless "thrill" of the chance of losing your bet (and heaven knows why you'd want to look to lose) then you should be at the blackjack or poker table, or watching the roulette wheel spin, or mindlessly pulling THAT handle...

                                     Did you ever wonder why they call THEM "one-armed bandits"?

No, that stuff is NOT for you.  You BELONG inside... in the "winner's circle" with us.

Yeah!  Stop spinning "lemons"... from now on it's just one big bowl of "cherries"!


We do NOT follow sports for the sake of gambling, nor are we sports fanatics.

This is a business. 

We do it for the money and profit. 

Like Judy likes to say... BIG bankrolls get us HOT.

And, to keep them growing we use...

                                                     An EASY 3 Step System...

1. Select the pick that you want to invest in.

2. Contact your bookie and place your wager.  All single bets.

3. Collect your cash and increase your "M.B.A." 

Yes, it really is that simple when you follow the system.  Then rinse and repeat, as many times as you want.

But, NOT all is champagne and roses...


Well, the bad news is you might be too late.  Memberships are limited, and as with all good things we want to make sure that this CASH COW keeps mooing...


You know what they say... too many cooks spoil the soup.

Woof! Woof!

Yeah, I LOVE SOUP too... especially with crackers!

                                                         Now Here's The Really Good News...

You are reading this today at a very important crossroads in YOUR life because we are still holding the door open for a lucky few.

Yes!  It is NOT too late for me The "Lucky Dog" to deal YOU a "Winning Hand"...

So it is up to you... do you want to come "inside" and enter the inner "winners circle", or are you ready to give up your seat at the table and pass the shoe to someone else?

It is time to decide...

                                                              Friendly wagers.  Easy money?

Or, keep struggling and feeding your bookie, instead of making him cry while YOU count your cash? 

Woof! Woof!  What?  What's that?

You're ready right now to make your move to your "Royal Flush" To Profit and STOP betting, START investing with 86.5% accuracy and make your bookie cry?

Well, hand them a skid of Kleenex and scrub a rub a dub dub, get ready to start counting your cash...


Now maybe you're thinking, but I'm really not a sports FAN.  I'm NOT addicted to the NFL, NBA, NHL, or even the nation's pastime of MLB baseball.

Well, you know what?

That might be even BETTER...

You see if you're not a sports fan, then you already ignore or disregard potential monetary profits from these activities. 

In other words, you are subconsciously saying NO to things before you even think about it...

"Nope! It's sports, and we don't like sports."
But, here's the kicker... what about money?  Do you like the "long green"?

Do you have enough of it?  Or, do you want or need more?

Think about it.

Would you rather grind your way through life with that boring dead end job?

Or, effortlessly "invest" in a few wagers in a few minutes a day on events that you don't even care about?

In fact, if you are not really into sports, it is even simpler because your emotions are completely out of the equation.  You don't know a Phillie from a Bear or a Bruin.  And, so you're not letting your emotions rule as you take sides because you have a soft spot for one team or another.

So, the lesson here is:

Don`t frame your thinking.  Expand your horizon.  Take in all the factors consciously and make an informed decision.  Just focus on the goal.

Now, if you are a fan, by all means, get in the game and turn your sports passion into profit by just following the winning advice.  I mean think about it... you will WIN, no matter WHO  is playing, and no matter WHO WINS or loses for that matter.  :) 

Now, how's that for "off the chart"?

So, isn't it time for you to "get in the game", and make game day into "PAYDAY"?

That's right... turn your sports passion into PROFIT!

Make money from home the easy way and reward yourself with the most precious thing that we have ALL been given... TIME.

You know it's been said that if you have everything that you want in life and attained ALL of your dreams and desires then YOUR TIME has been wisely spent. It is the one thing that each of us has an equal amount of.

How are YOU spending YOURS?


Your Life Could Change Dramatically . . .
And Fast!

If you want to secure your financial future... if you want to stop wasting your time and money on the "next big thing"... if you want to take control of how profitable and easy sports investing (NOT betting!) can be, then this is your opportunity.  The "hands-on" system is designed so that you can get started today!

Make this the turning point in your life.  There's no time like the present!  Rather than simply reading about
it experience it for yourself!

Make this your moment!

We'll leave you with one last thought:


What??  How did YOU read that line?

Most people see Opportunity Is NO Where...

Winners on the other hand see...

                                                      OPPORTUNITY IS NOW HERE!

Come in and join us in the "winner's circle" NOW.


Dickie "The Lucky" Dog,
BlackDOG ULTIMATE Marketing,
The B.U.M. Team.

Are YOU In It To WIN IT?
Then "Get In The Game"!

P.S.  Woof! Woof!  Will this revolutionary system make you wealthy?  We have to be frank with you:  we don't know how rich you'll get once you get started, absorb and begin to use these valuable "inside" secrets, because remember, you must be disciplined and follow instructions. 

We are giving you the hammer.  Whether you build a doghouse (woof! woof!) or a "Hollywood mansion" is up to you!

Our suggestion:  Think BIG!

Isn't it time?  YOUR time?

The bat is in your hands, are you going to hit a homerun?  Or, strikeout?

Throw the "Hail Mary" that clinches it ALL?                 

Get that "buzzer beater" nothing but net 3 pointer?                

Score the overtime goal to win the Cup?

Why not go for it?

Swing for the fences..

Get started AND...
"Get In The Game"!


Woof! Woof!

If you think you can, or you think you can't, you're right!

What do you think THIS guy down there is thinking?

Hey!  Did You Click The Play Button?

Ever have a day like that, and want to kick a hole in your computer too?  Well, STOP!

It doesn't have to be that way. 

Instead, let Dickie The Dog Superstar show you how to make YOUR sports investing and trading go real far...

Yeah, learn how to turn your computer into an autopilot profit machine today.

That's right!  Your computer has the power to launch a small rocket. 

So why is YOUR sports betting still on the pad? 

It's time for ignition... 10, 9, and counting... 3, 2, 1 and blast off... yes, get "lucky"... and let Dickie help
you to soar your results to the "winning stars" today!

Remember These Guys?


"Who do YOU Want To Be??

Hey!! You know why they call "Dickie" the "handsome bandit"?
Because your sports betting will be so simple and profitable when you start
using his "secret sauce" that you will feel like you've just robbed a bank!! :)

Listen, I told you this was HOT!!


Isn't It Time To Turn YOUR Fan-tasy Into Reality?

JOIN Dickie & His "Lucky Girls" Today!

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